About Bas van Haren-Suarez

Bas van Haren-SuarezHello, I am Bas van Haren-Suarez, and I would like to take you to the world of Scrum, through my eyes.

I embarked on my journey as a Scrum Master (and later Agile Coach) in 2019 at a web development agency, pivoting from a seasoned, waterfall-oriented, digital project manager, working in fields such as advertising and game development. Scrum unveiled an entirely different perspective on digital projects. I took the helm of various Scrum teams, navigating through diverse projects. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic propelled me into a digital realm, where I played a key role in re(de)fining Scrum within the agency.

My fascination with Scrum grew exponentially. I consumed articles and literature voraciously. In time, I began to condense my insights into presentations for my peers, rekindling a passion for subject-matter engagement. It dawned on me that my experiences were too valuable not to share, leading to the creation of this blog as a platform to exchange knowledge.

Bas van Haren-Suarez

My goal here is not to prescribe ‘best practices’ but to present an array of tools and perspectives. I aim to empower you, the reader, to assess and adapt these concepts to fit your unique professional landscape. My approach is but one path among many; it is not the sole ‘highway’ to success.

I aspire to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm to eager professionals and play a part in nurturing the next wave of agile talent. This blog is a stepping stone towards that goal, contributing in a modest but meaningful way.

More about me

I share my life with my spouse and our two black cats in the Dutch city of The Hague, the city of peace and justice. I am a fervent gamer, a culinary enthusiast, and someone who simply enjoys life’s pleasures. Currently, I serve as an Agile Coach at a global software development company. If you wish to delve deeper into my professional life, feel free to explore my personal website or LinkedIn profile.

So why ‘kingmaker’?

The term ‘kingmaker’ references an person who plays an important role in securing a position of power for others. Far from the dark, conniving characters of historical lore or popular series like Game of Thrones, I see myself as a facilitator and enabler. I try to embody servant-leadership, focusing on elevating others rather than seeking the limelight. Thus, ‘kingmaker’ seemed a fitting moniker (and also demonstrates my penchant for the dramatic).


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