Best. Sprint Review. Ever.

Best. Sprint Review. Ever.

The Sprint Review is an important Scrum Event in which the Scrum Team shows the stakeholders and other members of the organization the work completed during the Sprint. The Sprint Review’s purpose is to gather feedback on completed work and plan for the next Sprint. The Scrum Master and Product Owner play an important role … Read more

Facilitating an awesome Daily Scrum

Facilitating awesome Daily Scrums

The Daily Scrum is an important Scrum event. It is a daily meeting in which the Developers discuss their progress, identify any roadblocks and plan for the next 24 hours. The Scrum Master is critical in facilitating this meeting and ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Creating an environment conducive to open and honest … Read more

Things to keep in mind with Product Backlog Refinements

Things to keep in mind with Product Backlog Refinements

The Product Backlog Refinement is an important (but unofficial) Scrum event that helps to ensure that the Product Backlog is well-maintained and organized, and that the most important PBIs are ready for development. The Scrum Master facilitates these refinements by providing guidance and support to the Scrum Team and assisting in the smooth operation of … Read more

The Power of Timeboxing

The Power of Timeboxing

Timeboxing is an important aspect of Scrum, and it entails allocating a specific amount of time for each Scrum event, such as Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. The Scrum Team is able to stay focused and on track by setting a time limit, ensuring that each event is efficient and productive. … Read more

Making a ‘Scrum knowledge matrix’

Scrum Knowledge Matrix

A few weeks ago, while preparing for my PSM-III exam, I encountered an article (in Dutch) where someone spoke of a useful tool to make connections between the different parts and aspects of Scrum. They proposed a spreadsheet with the various Scrum Events, Artifacts, Roles and Values. I have decided to make my own version … Read more

Sprint Goals: aspiring purpose, effectivity and happiness

Sprint Goals: aspiring purpose, effectivity and happiness

Today I scheduled another one of my three-weekly company talks on Scrum. This time I prepared a presentation for my peers on the topic of the benefit of using (great) Sprint Goals. I have rewritten the structure and contents for publication on this blog. In brief: a Sprint Goal is the single objective that defines … Read more

Why you should reduce ‘work in progress’

Little's Law: an eye-opener

Story of my life: I read a book, come across an interesting concept, Google it – and fall into a rabbit-hole of information I have never heard of before. It’s 11 PM and here I am writing about mathematical concepts and psychological principles. The conclusion is – spoiler alert – to reduce the amount of … Read more

Personal Development Goals in Scrum: “We are made, not born”

Personal Development Goals in Scrum

Is there a place for Personal Development Goals in Scrum? Let me give you some insight in my train of thought, and an experiment I did a while back. In my career as a Scrum Master I have helped facilitate and guide a few Sprints. Creating a valuable Increment (and achieving the Sprint Goal) is … Read more

What Makes a Good Sprint Retrospective?

Sprint Retrospective

Earlier today a colleague asked me how I facilitate a Sprint Retrospective. It was her first sprint in the role of Scrum Master and in that sense also her first Retro. Back to the theory for a moment. The Scrum Guide describes the Sprint Retrospective as follows: “The Scrum Team inspects how the last Sprint … Read more