What does servant leadership mean?

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is an innovative approach that contrasts traditional leadership styles. It emphasizes empathy, listening, and placing others’ needs before one’s own. We see the importance of servant leadership, especially in Agile and the Scrum framework. In this article, I explore how managers can apply servant leadership and why it’s a vital tool in today’s … Read more

Making Metrics Matter: what can we measure in a Scrum Team?


In the world of (agile) development, metrics hold a key role. They provide insight into team performance and guide improvement. However, focusing on the wrong ones can lead to undesired results. This article aims to shed light on crucial metrics, beneficial for both individuals and teams in a Scrum setting, while taking into consideration the … Read more

When a Scrum Master evolves into an agile leader

When a Scrum Master evolves to an agile leader

My employer announced my promotion to the company’s middle management at the beginning of this year. So, as a member of middle management, does a Scrum Master ‘manage’ others? Gunther Verheyen explains in this 2014 article that the Scrum Master role is not a management role, but rather a facilitation role. The Scrum Master is … Read more

Are Scrum Masters redundant in organizations with high agile maturity?

Are Scrum Masters redundant in organizations with high agile maturity?

Since I was introduced to the Agile Maturity Model in the Professional Agile Leadership course, I have given this model a lot of thought. In Geoff Watts’ ‘Scrum Mastery’, I found a very amusing quote comparing the role of the Scrum Master to that of Nanny McPhee from the 2005 movie of the same name. … Read more