Even a Kingmaker needs a holiday!

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Last year was a whirlwind of new experiences for me – a new job, three courses and writing a lot for this blog. Despite the challenges, I persevered and made significant progress in my personal and professional life.

As summer approaches, I am excited to take a step back, unwind, and focus on my personal growth and well-being. Last summer was quite stressful due to work, but this year, I have set aside ample time for myself!

Although I will not be writing any new articles during my holiday, I am committed to continuing my learning journey. I plan to dive into development practices in Scrum, learn Scrum from a Product Owner’s perspective and refresh my knowledge of UX and how it applies to Scrum.

Living close to The Hague’s beautiful beach, I am looking forward to spending plenty of time there, weather permitting!

I cannot wait to return in September, recharged and ready to tackle new challenges with renewed vigor. See you then!


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