Happy birthday, Kingmaker!

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of my blogging adventure. I found my interest for Scrum a few years ago, and one year ago I decided that starting a blog would be a wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge. Despite the fact that I only received two (!) comments on my blog entries, I am appreciative for the feedback I received on LinkedIn and in person. It is good to know that my blog has had a positive impact on other Agile professionals, since I was even able to persuade a former colleague to join an Agile Leadership course.

Writing articles and explaining complicated subjects has been a great method for me to digest difficult notions. Scaling, empiricism in philosophy, agile leadership and emergent architecture are some of the themes I’ve been able to investigate. I took the time to study, summarize, and publish my findings on a variety of issues, both complex and mundane.

For example, I frequently debated Taylorism and explored how many teams a Scrum Master should be a part of, a topic that proved to be enlightening to research and appraise.

In this aspect,  maintaining this blog has assisted me in gaining a better grasp of areas on which I needed to conduct further study. I’d say I’ve doubled my mental map on agile in the last year, as I’ve developed dramatically in terms of knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

As I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog, I look forward to another year of learning, growing, and sharing my experiences.

Happy birthday, Kingmaker!

Happy birthday, Kingmaker!



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