Looking back to 2023 – and forward to 2024

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As I look back to 2023, one word captures the essence of my journey.


It’s been a year brimming with learning, from the plethora of courses completed, to the myriad of texts devoured. Yet, I feel like I have just begun an incredible adventure. The more I learn, the more I realize there is still so much more to learn.

My perspective has undergone a profound shift. Delving into emotional well-being and relationships, I have discovered the transformative power of reflection. Seeking help has been pivotal. Engaging a coach or therapist can lead to remarkable progress!

Professionally, new responsibilities have shaped me into a more effective leader. I’ve harnessed my innate abilities to energize people and resolve conflicts, crafting a leadership style that resonates with me. Recently, a colleague dubbed me ‘the great communicator,’ a moniker I embrace with a smile.

My evolution into an Agile Coach marks a significant milestone. My influence now spans across teams, management layers, and divisions. Implementing Nexus as a scaling framework has been one of my proudest achievements, warranting its own blog post soon.

This year has been rich in learning about Nexus, Evidence-Based Management, DevOps, and Product Owners. These insights are molding me into a well-rounded Agile Coach. While I plan to retake the PSM III, I’m not in a hurry. I’ll take that step when the time is right.

Looking ahead to 2024, my focus is on agile leadership. I aim to demonstrate to the management team the power of Evidence-Based Management in a rapidly growing organization. Agile methodologies streamline collaboration, hasten decision-making, and allow for swift adaptations.

Improving our feedback loop is another goal. Integrating UX into our Scrum methods will enhance the quality of our products, ensuring they are not just well-built but also well-designed.

In terms of courses, my next target is ‘PSU-I’ to deepen my understanding of UX in Scrum. I have already started exploring “Lean UX” by Gothelf and Seiden! The Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS) course is also on my radar, though choices must be made in the absence of funding.

As I stand on the threshold of another year, I feel excitement for my continuing journey of growth.

2024, I am more than ready to embrace you!

Looking back to 2023 - and forward to 2024