Making a ‘Scrum knowledge matrix’

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A few weeks ago, while preparing for my PSM-III exam, I encountered an article (in Dutch) where someone spoke of a useful tool to make connections between the different parts and aspects of Scrum. They proposed a spreadsheet with the various Scrum Events, Artifacts, Roles and Values. I have decided to make my own version of such a spreadsheet and have dubbed it a ‘Scrum knowledge matrix’.

I have provided an empty template in Microsoft Excel for you to download.

scrum knowledge matrix example

I did not provide my filled-in version on purpose. That is because I had an enormous joy in making my own, and my own wording may not be useful for others. I also did use a lot of abbreviations. Besides: it is a wonderful personal learning experience to think actively about the interaction all of these Scrum related parts and aspects. I may yet update this template when I have new insights. Please let me know in the comments if you find using this matrix helpful – or how I could improve this!

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