Sharing my scrum adventures

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So this is it, then.

Last weeks I prepared myself for the PSM III exam. On my bedside table are six books about the exam material that I am dutifully reading. I even printed out the latest version of the Scrum Guide, having colored several words and sentences with various markers.

As I was busy fitting the new knowledge into my written summaries and my memory, I was filled with a sense of joy. Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve found a topic I can talk about with so much passion.

When was the last time I spoke with such passion about a subject? It may have been about ten years ago. It was the time of award shows and TedX talks. The time I preached the gospel of gamification and ‘serious games’. Those days are far behind me, closed off when I left my previous hometown, venturing into the unknown. I am now ten years, two employers, one relationship and two homes further.

Now I have found a new passion. I can’t stop talking about Scrum. Since 2019, when I obtained my first certificate, I can’t stop talking about the application of this versatile and lightweight framework.

The reason I started this blog is because I want to share my knowledge about this matter with the world. My experiences, both positive and negative. My quest, my lessons, my encounters.

I hope I can help inspire you, or help you with the knowledge I have gained – and hopefully will gain.

Sharing my scrum adventures

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