This is your reminder to read the Scrum Guide again

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The Scrum Guide is a unique resource! Crafted by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, it’s a document that never ceases to amaze. I see it as a generous gift, always offering something new. Like delving into a rich Hieronymus Bosch painting, it’s multi-layered. (And yes, perhaps less unsettling than Bosch’s work.) The Scrum Guide is not a long-winded manual. It is concise, providing a framework rather than a rigid methodology. Its minimalistic nature is its strength.

Now, why should we keep returning to this guide? And why should Scrum Teams be reminded to do the same?

A fresh perspective each time

Rereading the Scrum Guide isn’t about revisiting old knowledge. Instead, it’s a journey of rediscovery. Each reading brings forth different insights. Depending on where we are in our Scrum journey, our perspective evolves. New situations at work, fresh challenges, and diverse teams might make certain aspects of the guide resonate more on some days. This ever-changing context enhances our understanding each time.

Addressing creeping dysfunctions

In the world of product development, dysfunctions aren’t rare. They’re, in fact, a common ailment. By revisiting the guide, teams are better equipped to recognize and address these dysfunctions. A periodic reminder to review the guide ensures teams don’t fall into old traps.

Adapting to changes

The Scrum Guide itself evolves. Schwaber and Sutherland have updated it over time, incorporating feedback and adapting to the changing world of product development. So, when we speak of rereading the “latest” version, it’s not a mere figure of speech. Staying updated means aligning ourselves with the most recent best practices in the Scrum world.

It’s not just individual enlightenment. When entire Scrum Teams revisit the guide together, it fosters unity. Teams get aligned on principles and practices. It’s a shared experience, a collective refresher, promoting mutual understanding.

This is your reminder to read the Scrum Guide again
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

To sum it up, the Scrum Guide is more than a one-time read. It’s a tool, a mentor, and a mirror. It offers guidance, shows us our areas of improvement, and reminds us of the fundamentals. After all, in the world of Scrum, it’s always beneficial to have a reliable compass in hand.