A new (future) goal: becoming a Professional Scrum Trainer

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The last half year I was preoccupied with a very important question: what is next? I have been putting a lot of work in planning my professional and private life. Recently I made the step towards a full-time appointment as a Scrum Master, shedding my skin as a digital project manager for good. But where does it all lead to?

I have been planning courses and new certificates for the next few years to be more proficient in Scrum and its implementation. I have been asking myself: to what purpose? After some soul searching, I guess mainly out of a curiosity and a passion for the field of work. But, deep inside, it is also for the recognition and seniority that comes with it.

But still, an overarching goal is missing. What am I working towards? Getting more knowledge is a means to an end, but to what end exactly? Satisfying my own ego and satiating my hunger for knowledge sound like ‘OK’ goals, but they are kind of flimsy. Ephemeral. Not sustainable. They do not feel like the right reasons. And I have long moved past making bad and unsatisfying life decisions.

Yesterday… it suddenly clicked. It clicked so hard in my mind; I heard an actual click. No, not a click, it was the mental equivalent of an aircraft going sonic boom.

In the future, I am going to be a “Professional Scrum Trainer”.

The ambition was already there. I always wanted to help other Scrum Masters with my knowledge. But now I have decided to pursue this ambition in a formal way; at least, in the future. This means I have visualized all that I need and want to know before I am taking that step.

There is a long way to go and it’s a matter of many years until I find that destination. Right now, I am still growing and flourishing as a Scrum Master. There are still a great many things I am learning. But the future goal has never been so crisp and clear. This is it.

So yes, this blog will also describe my journey towards that newer, higher goal. I will keep you posted!

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