Moving ever forward

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So today marks the last day of work at the digital agency that has been my employer for the last three years. I have found a new challenge as a full-time Scrum Master at an international software company, with multiple Scrum Teams in the Netherlands, Portugal and Australia. That’s right, I’m stepping out of the agency world.

Moving ever forward

It feels bittersweet. I am looking forward to my new appointment come November, with all the great work and challenges ahead. New ways to utilize, nurture and hone my skills. But with every new step in your career, you leave behind wonderful colleagues, clients and projects. The last time I made a step in my career, I came from a series of traditional waterfall organizations, and fulfilling a role of (digital) project manager. At this agency, I became enchanted by Scrum and had the opportunity to become the Scrum Master I am today. All the good memories and new-found skills I will carry into my new appointment and the future and for this I am ever grateful.

That also means I won’t be dealing with direct contact with clients anymore. That gives me mixed feelings. For 16 years I formed my own style in client contact and was always known for my heartfelt and personal approach. The word ‘client’ has always felt strange for me, as I always preferred the word ‘partner’. But after so long, I became weary of the ever-present rush and (budget) discussions. So it feels right to turn a page!

Now I will purely focus on people and processes and have the opportunity to professionalize Scrum in multiple Scrum Teams. I will apply all my roles as a Scrum Master to serve the teams and the organization, so that people may thrive and do what they do best: making kick-ass software.

So, goodbye, vaarwel, to project management. And thank you, dank je wel.

And hello, hallo & olá to 100% Scrum Mastership. I am excited, ik heb er zin in, estou animado!

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